Consultant (s) Needed for Ex-post Evaluation of BMZ Co-funded Projects Implemented by YAD and Fambul Tik in Sierra Leone

Fambul Tik e.V. is requesting applications from suitably qualified consultant (s) to conduct a comprehensive ex-post evaluation on its projects in Sierra Leone. 


Since the civil war ended in Sierra Leone about two decades ago, the government with the help of foreign donors, have made some progress in resuscitating the economy and stabilizing peace and democracy as the country has recorded successful transitions of power to successive governments after democratic elections. However, the country still remains among the world’s poorest, ranking 182 out of 189 in the Global Human Development Index (2021); 101 out of 107 in the Global Hunger Index (2020). Poverty is widespread, with more than 60% of the population living on less than US$ 1.25 a day; unemployment and illiteracy levels remain high, particularly among youths and women. About 70 % of the youth are unemployed or underemployed due to a lack of proper education and skills know-how, according to UNDP.

In their quest to complement the efforts of the government of Sierra Leone in fighting the above problems, FT and its Sierra Leonean partner, Youth in Action for Development (YAD), have worked over the years in collaboration with and support of diverse donors prominent among which is the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).  BMZ has co-funded diverse projects implemented by FT since the year 2012.  Scope of the projects ranged from smaller groups based in a single village, medium sizes consisting of several villages, and large sizes consisting of whole chiefdom (s).

However, though those projects were evaluated “formatively” during implementations focusing mainly on achievements of tangible outputs and quick outcomes, none of them was evaluated in the “summative” term.  Therefore, it is in the interest of implementing partners, the government of Sierra Leone as well as project beneficiaries, to conduct a thorough summative/Ex Post Evaluation of those projects in order to determine how sustainable, replicable and scalable they are and how much they had contributed to the attainment of sustainable development in post-conflict Sierra Leone.

It is against the above backdrop that this evaluation is proposed.


Interested consultant (s) must fulfil the following minimum prerequisites:

  • At least 10 years of evaluation experience in BMZ-funded development projects or projects implemented by other bilateral partners comparable to BMZ.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in designing and implementing large-scale community development projects implemented by national governments or major donors in African countries with transitional economies . Experience in the West African region – Sierra Leone is desirable.
  • In-depth knowledge of NGO and donor partner operations and their collaboration with central governments in the African context, ideally in West Africa – Sierra Leone is desirable
  • Knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals and their application to national strategic development plans in post-conflict settings in the African context, ideally in West Africa – Sierra Leone is desirable
  • In-depth knowledge of Sierra Leone`s socio-economic, political, cultural and traditional contexts.
  • The team should consist of individuals who speak at least one of the main local dialects spoken in the project region, such as Krio or Mende. If the consultant (s) cannot speak the local languages, it is possible to hire an independent local interpreter(s) or simply include a local translator in the team.
  • The consultant (s) and all team members must be independent of YAD and FT.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is mandatory. Knowledge of German can be an added advantage.
  • Team members should not be current applicants or beneficiaries of any BMZ funding.


Interested applicants should submit their CVs and proposed budget based on the TOR (please see attached), to the following address via email:

The Board of Directors
Fambul Tik e.V.
Project Coordination Secretariat
Sömmeringstraße. 39
10589 Berlin, Germany

Deadline: Monday, 30th May 2022, 16:00hrs central European time.


  • The TOR is attached to this publication
  • Applications submitted after the above deadline will not be reviewed
  • Applications will be accepted only via email (
  • Only applicant(s) whose CV matched the minimum requirements will be shortlisted
  • Only shortlisted applicant (s) with the competitive budget proposals will be considered
  • Since this is a highly professional job, interested applicants are expected to know the subject matter. Therefore, no enquiries during the application period would be answered. Interested applicants must refer to the TOR for firsthand information about the projects.
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