Forceful FGM Kills 9 Years Old Girl in Sierra Leone

Reports monitored from Sierra Leone indicate that a nine years old girl in a village called Bongama 1 in the Nimikoro Chiefdom bled to death following a forceful initiation into the Bondo Secret society.

The matter is being investigated by the Montema Police Division, the Local Unit Commander (LUC) Superintendent Lansana Koroma is said to have confirmed.

According to reports, three people are in police custody and are expected in court soon as the investigation intensifies.

Eye witnesses say the nine years old girl was apprehended and forcefully dragged to the secret Bondo bush for initiation after her parents failed to heed an ultimatum from the Bondo women.

The girl was reportedly stoning mango from school when the stones eventually landed in a Bondo shrine. This was said to have angered the Bondo women who demanded whopping financial and other traditional fines to appease them.

The aftermath of the failure of the parents to heed the demands is the forceful initiation and death of the girl. 

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