Maada Bio Ends Continental Europe Tour in Holland

Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, the flag-bearer and presidential hopeful of the Sierra Leonean main opposition, Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), accompanied by high powered delegation from the Netherlands, began his tour of continental Europe few days ago.  The tour began in France where Maada Bio spoke briefly to Sierra Leoneans there and then proceeded to Brussels, Belgium.

Hundreds of party supporters and sympathizers from various countries sang party songs to welcome him.  Delivering his maiden speech, Maada Bio thanked everybody for making it to the gathering. He encouraged them to continue their support for the party and his campaign and that their support would not go in vain.

In Antwerp, Maada was mobbed by supporters eagerly waiting to see him. “ I am very much happy to see this gentle man as it has always been my dream to either see or touch him ”!,  Mariatu Karama, a party supporter shouted.  The Chairman of SLPP Belgium chapter, Mr. Yayah Sheriff, thanked Mr. Bio and entourage for the unprecedented visit and assured him of their relentless support till the party bounce back to power in November this year.

Mr. Bio’s convoy of 15 SUVs finally reached the SLPP continental Europe headquarters in Eindhoven, Holland, where he was welcomed by hundreds of supporters from various countries including Holland, Germany, Sweden, Italy etc.

The SLPP Chairman German chapter,  Dr. Ben Sannoh,  thanked Mr Maada Bio for his visit to Continental Europe and extended a special invitation to him to visit their own chapter in Germany.

Mr. Bio thanked everybody for coming and told them a very short but charismatic sentence:  “there is only one thing I will promise you and that is good governance”, the presidential hopeful stressed.

Mr Bio is expected to stay in Holland till Monday before he finally leave for Sierra Leone.


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  1. you will surely make it, just keep your head high. we will all pray for you to become our next president in our beloved country sierra leone

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