Ministry of Health Moves Faster to Fool the Nation

Miata Kargbo,a failed  Minister of Health and Sanitation
Miata Kargbo,a failed Minister of Health and Sanitation
The Ministry of Health and Sanitation moves 10 steps forward in their quest to fool the nation. They have started publishing pages long bulletin about Ebola in Sierra Leone. What is flabbergasting however, is their deliberate omission of information about the recent unfair allocation of the Ebola funds which sharply marginalized Kenema and Kailahun districts which are currently divested by the dreadful virus.  Click the following link to read the so called Ebola bulletin  EBOLA Bulletin

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  1. I commend your newspaper for the outstanding reportings on the chronic corruptions and deceptions by our politicians and elected officials.

    I am very ashamed FOR my country – Sierra Leone.  

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