Moonlight to Moon Life

Abdulai Mansaray, author
Abdulai Mansaray, author

You pierce the clouds with your smiling spear

Your flicker of light that brings out the cheer

In the moonless night of your dark less daze

From the bleary eyed to the seasoned glare.


The clouds float by and obscure your gaze

While children gaze at your nocturnal grace

You glide the sea of cumulous bliss.

Floating and sailing in my dreams of abyss.


Each passing night, beams your smile bigger

As each smiling face, makes the night brighter.

The bigger the brighter, the nearer the better.

As you inch your way, from my heart’s flutter.


The birds will sing and the insects will chirp

Long into the night, by the tireless twerp.

The cripple long walks, the blind for a glimpse,

In your earthly bliss, of a thousand winks.


The old will recall your nights and days

The young will venture with innocent grace

And yearn for a world of your earthly bliss

Deathly unaware of man’s eventual abyss.


Your thousand watt smiles, lingers through the night

With innocent bliss, I wander through the night.

With each passing night, you say goodbye

And night after night, you sing me a lullaby


Your smiling face is now just a flicker

Your journey is getting, just a bit quicker

But you keep shining, only for a while

As night sleeps into day, till the day is nigh.


From cradle to grave, you nurse my heart’s desire

If your earthly gaze, like a ball of fire.

You come out to play, in ecclesiastical attire.

Too late to see you, cause you retire.


Just like sunrise, you had your sunset

From cradle to grave, I had my mind set

That night follows day, and day follows night

Life will be tough, but will be alright.


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