SLPP Hon. Francis Konuwa Vows Never to Walk on Straight Line

Some Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Members of Parliament on Wednesday 26th February 2014 reaffirmed their positions that they will always continue to rebel against the “Straight Line” ideology introduced by the current executive running the party’s affairs. However, the MPs also vowed to ever remain to be SLPP members. The MPs made this statement in a press conference held at the Minority Leader’s office at Parliament in Freetown where they revealed that the SLPP was never formed on any so called Straight Line ideology but on ‘One Country, One People’.

Hon. Francis Konuwa representing Kenema District said he was disappointed with the 26 petitioners who recently rebelled against the party’s sitting leader in parliament. He said the MPs should have focused on bringing back the party to governance rather than separating themselves into meaningless groups that continue to retrogress the party.

He informed that the plot set against Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai was not a genuine course, adding that most of those who were forced to sign the petition have regretted and withdrew their signatures from the petition.

He emphasized that it was never too late to make peace with the petitioners. He further used this forum to call on other stakeholders to help the SLPP make peace among its members.

Also contributing was Hon. Sualiho M. Koroma representing Constituency 67 in the Bo District said the petitioners were not sincere and reliable. He went on to say they were misleading the supporters of the party and that such development will never help the party’s progress.

He informed that the petitioners do not have any substantive evidence against the minority leader, pointing out that there are records indicating that she is the best parliamentarian Sierra Leone can ever boast of and one of the best in the Pan African Parliament.

“She has contributed tirelessly to build the SLPP to a position where it is today so we will not sit by and allow some little-minded people to set us back.” Hon. Koroma explained.

He noted that the petitioners are not ready for peace and that few weeks ago, the Secretary-General of the party summoned them to a meeting in parliament to settle the impasse between them but as the meeting commenced the petitioners disrespectfully staged a walk out.

This according to him was a mere disregard of the party’s National Secretary-General who even when he appealed to them to stay and continue the resolution process they paid deaf ears. The honourable used the forum to plead to every SLPP member to come onboard and contribute to unite the party.

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