African Diplomats Deny Attending Striptease Clubs During UN General Assembly Meeting

StripclubAfrican diplomats have vehemently expressed anger at being lumped with others who “waste their money” looking at naked women walking up and down.  They were reacting to New York Post article that said many of the diplomats attending the 68th United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York were packing the Flashdance strip club in mid-Manhattan.

When reached for comment, an African delegate from a country I wouldn’t name, shouted, “What the heck is a strip club?”

When explained, he reacted indignantly.  “Why do you think that African diplomats would waste their hard earned money looking at naked women?  Listen, I fought very hard, just like a lot of my other colleagues with me and from other countries to be on this delegation so that I could get extra overseas allowance.  If I want to see a naked woman, my money would go a longer way, in fact, a much longer way, if you know what I mean,” he then chuckled.

“I’m sure this is only a story to sell papers.  I don’t have $50 to pay for a glass of champagne.”

I pounced, “So, you know what a strip club is?”

The phone went dead.

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