Does “Black Lives Matter, if “All Lives Matter”?


I sob, I weep and cry “Black Lives Matter”.
You rave, you rant and shout “All Lives Matter”
But if “All Lives Matter”
Why would “Black Lives Matter”?
Does “All Lives that Matter”
Include black lives that matter?
For if all lives include Black Lives
Then Black Lives wont matter.
Four hundred years ago, you came to my land from beyond
I had my land, my gold, my ruby and my diamond.
You had your whip, your gun, your rum and your bible.
You said my gods are false, and you are the disciple.
For me to read your Bible, I had to shut my eyes
While you shackled my legs, my neck and my hands.
But when I opened my eyes, and in your hands
You had my land, and I had your bible.
Shipped to distant lands, to tend your plantations.
I gave you my sweat, tears and blood for generations.
Worked for free, but you refused me reparations
I asked for reparation, you threaten with repatriation.
But in those days, Black lives mattered
To build your steel roads, your castles and manor
Black Lives Mattered, because I worked for free
You called me lazy, when I stopped working for free.
Would I remind you, that” Black Lives matter”?
If you remembered, that “All Lives Matter”?
But for “All Lives to Matter”
Should “Black Lives matter”?
You freed my hands, but refuse to let me be
I can’t breathe, because I’m not free
If I am free, why so much grief
That cause me pain and leaves me bereaved.
Hong Kong can come, as citizen brethren
But Windrush can go, like heathen brethren.
As flotsam and jetsam, to abuse and refuse
That you used and overuse, and now of no use.
If I can breathe, then I’ll be free
For only the truth can set you free
From your conscience of bandage
From Timbuktu, right down to Carthage.
Black Lives Matter, because All Lives Matter
If All Lives matter, so Black Lives Matter.
Why should I tell you, that Black Lives Matter?
Because your All Lives Matter, don’t count my Black Matter.



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