Don’t Underestimate The Magnitude Of Youths In General Elections 2018

The biggest democratic process in the world is the Sierra Leone 2018 General Elections which will hasten on a strong note of awareness. Elections in Sierra Leone are peculiar because of the inherent diversity of the country. People of different social group and principles vote together to elect a government that they hope would ensure a better future. I mean a better future not with borrowed ropes. Youths are said to be used, misused and dump them. No future!!!
Elections in Sierra Leone are more important this time around as the youths of the country are poised to play an important role. The emphasis on the adolescences stems from the fact that now over 50% of the country’s population is under the age of 35.
Their aspirations and their dreams would fore sure play an important role as no political party worth its money can ignore this important vote bank. And the parties for sure understand this by going the way they had went about increasing their web footprints.
Don’t underestimate the importance of the youths in the coming general election in 2018. In other words, youth are the biggest users of the Attaryah Bases, Poyo Bars, Internet Café and their political party offices wherein they are also harnessing their new found strength in the medium. For an example, the best online campaign for the Obama Elections 2007 was virtually present in all across the web with powerful message of dealing terrorism with a firm hand. Moreover, the U.S. Congress, even though they started a slowly and tad campaign, members of the U.S. Congress has also picked up speed in the endeavor to gain youths votes.
Undoubtedly, youths have gained prominence in the electoral process in Sierra Leone and it is rightly to so, as they are the future leaders of the country and sooner they get involved in nation building, the better. We don’t want recycle these political stale mates anymore; said to me by one of the youths.
The youths of today in Sierra Leone, have fresh ideas about the way in which the world goes around them. They should also try to come up with their ideas which must be respected by these recycled politicians if they really want these youths to evolve into a progressive society.
The political parties have also understood the power of the youths as now we see much larger representation of the youths in this country as young brigades who are also being spearheaded by leaders like constitutional leaders.
But the important point is not the representation of a chosen few in the electoral process as candidates but the involvement of the millions of the common youths or adolescences of the country in the process during the General Elections in 2018.
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