Yahya JamehAction pour les Droit Humains et l’Amitie (ADHA). A Human Rights Defenders through Friendship Organization, based in Senegal.  Issued this reminder to President or Dictator Yahya Jammeh, Government of the Gambia, Public, and the entire neighborhood, to recall the case of Saddam the time he was accepting and rejecting the UN Weapon inspection team here and there, as is exactly the same thing Dictator Yahya Jammeh has done to the UN special Rapporteurs who visited the Gambia to investigate Torture and extra judicious killings.

Unveiling Evil Dictator’s Evil and Wickedness is always tough, but when going gets tough, the toughest as the United Nations must get going. One thing is certain whether Yahya will be tackled as they did to Saddam, or lesser as that of Charles Taylor. Either way these Rapportuers  will surely peeped inside his under pants or dirty corners one day, he is better of letting them complete their mission amicably, they are clearly sure already of what they looking for and where to find what, Yahya, nothing is hidden in this day and age. They are well fed with sufficient reliable information.

On the other hand ADHA strongly applauded the United Nations, specially their Human Rights Office for West Africa (OHCHR-WARO), for doing a wonderful job in terms of Human Rights protection in this region. Only to add that, the UN left it until all these damages are done and ample evidences are on the open seen or heard by everyone all over the World. Nothing left to investigate the proofs are very clear, but now after this attempt was made till they enter and being blocked if they happens to abandon it like that and walk out, shall be the cause for Yahya to carry on his Human Rights violations, and exactly this will happen if the UN abandoned this Mission, surely Yahya will continue at a larger scale.

One thing is certain, the most worrying and fearful elements to this encounter between Jammeh and the UN Special Rapporteurs, is the Gambian public who are and will continue to surfer and this failed visit will make things only worst for them, public of the immediate neighbor as well sighting what happened and continue to happen in Iraq and Afghanistan pouring all over the neighboring Countries, with Gambia expect the worse as it is right inside of another Country without any clear boarder separators  even, therefore ADHA henceforth recommends that, due to the fact Gambia and Senegal inter-mingled one right inside the other neither one can survive when the other perished. Back in history this was the main reason why Britain gave Independence to the Gambia in 1965 without an Army, on the bases that Senegal should provide the Military defense force for the Gambia, and this treaty was signed between Britain, France (the two Colonial Masters), Gambia and Senegal.

The Gambia as a state is still a region within Senegal, lets nobody fool about with this fact whenever things break loose,  this shall be on the open quarter of the Gambian population are Senegalese and the other three quarter all have Senegalese origins be it  Wolof, Mandinka, Serrer, Fula, Jola, Sarakhuleh, Manjago, and so on. Therefore before separating a fight, separate the quarrel when is at hand, more over it is the Same Senegal that have led to the creation of this tiny, inexperience, and ill-equipped  Gambian Army in 1982 after their intervention in 1981, so let them not wait to be bitten by the little snake they grow.

As Yahya Jammeh is to set fire on his house the Gambia, and this fire will spear no other house in the compound which is Senegambia, Senegal has the right to stop him before he does so. The State of Gambia exist as a full fledge Republic right inside the Republic of Senegal dividing it into two halves, this exist in between no other two countries in this World, one may sight that of South Africa and Botswana, but this one does not divide the other in two halves, is just a little dot inside. Gambia cannot continue to cause skirmishes in this tiny strip disturbing the whole region and whenever it happens, Senegal will have to move in and suffer the consequences as that of the last time in 1981.           

Yahya’s crimes on those in the Gambia not only Gambians, cannot be overestimated he has filled the Mile-2 prison, other Prisons and his secret inhuman detention centers in every corner of the country overcrowded with his opponents, on our own (ADHA’s) investigations carried out just recently based on records, over three thousand nine hundred and seventy six inmates of Yahya Jammeh’s opponents are being locked, they are not label as political prisoners, but they are framed and implicated on something criminal just by forging evident to use on their trial as the Judiciary and all other Arms of the government is being dictated directly by Jammeh.

Torture dish of the day for people of Gambia from the Jammeh regime, he (Yahya) had murdered fourteen students on April 10th -11th the year 2000, tortured to death forty four Ghanaians who were on a boat to Europe only one escaped, executed nine prisoners without a fair trial, killed thirty one people whose death resulted from, him or on his orders gave them Concurs ions during a so called Witchcraft hunt, seventy two people died through disappear  under custody, thirty nine people some security died in a mysterious circumstances but living terraces  and in some cases proofs pointing to the Dictator, ordered twenty six Arson attacks, the list goes on and on.

How one man can murder two hundred and eight people, held in captive three thousand nine hundred and seventy six, severely tortured seven thousand nine hundred and twelve people, leaving many permanently handicapped, chased out four thousand and eighty people who fled to exile.  All of these out of a population of less than 1.9 million people, makes ADHA to wonder when is the United Nations, AU, ECOWAS, and all other international bodies and communities going to act together constructively on stopping Yahya Jammeh it is long overdue, people of the Gambia needs and calls for action not investigations everything is in the open.

In the same vain strongly calling upon the Gambian community to desist from aiding, abiding, or covering these Evil and wicked acts being done to them, the same time strictly warning the Gambian security services more strongly. But the biggest question mark goes to the number one Gambian today in terms of position, and that is no other person, other than FATOU BOM BENSODA the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC, why, why, why Yahya Jammeh is not indicted ? Do not leave to be asked Tomorrow this question by those who know better than any, the Gambian public are crying blood and fume in getting rid of Evil and Wickedness in their society please act now or never.  

Prepared and endorsed by
Prof. Katim Touray  (Veteran Gambian Journalist)
Executive Director

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