Ruby B. Johnson crowned Miss Eco Sierra Leone

Ambassador Bokarie Stevens, Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States crowns Ruby B. Johnson Sierra Leone's Queen Eco 2015Ambassador Bokarie Stevens, Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States crowns Ruby B. Johnson Sierra Leone's Queen Eco 2015[/caption]Ambassador Bokarie Stevens, Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States crowns Ruby B. Johnson Sierra Leone’s Queen Eco 2015[/caption]Pageant Queen Ruby B. Johnson Crowned as Miss Eco Sierra Leone: Promoting Eco Tourism and Sustainable Development in Post-Ebola Sierra Leone.
On August 30, 2015 His Excellency Hon. Bockarie Stevens, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the U.S., crowned Miss Earth Maryland 2015 Ruby B. Johnson as Miss Eco Sierra Leone.  Ruby will serve as Sierra Leone’s official delegate at the prestigious 2016 Miss ECO Pageant in Egypt. 
Ruby accepted her new title to the applause of a select group of influential leaders within the Sierra Leonean Diaspora community gathered at the Embassy of Sierra Leone that included: Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu, Founder and Owner of the Miss Sierra Leone USA Pageant; Mr. David Vandy of Voice of America; Mr. Daniel Koroma of the Montgomery County Executive Office and Ms. Ramzhain Suma, former Miss Sierra Leone Heritage. 
As Miss ECO Sierra Leone, Ruby will promote ecotourism, green economy, and environmental awareness. She will devote her year advocating about environmental issues in Sierra Leone and worldwide.
Ruby recently served as Miss Earth Maryland 2015, and was awarded Miss Beauties for a Cause for her environmental work in the mining industry and promotion of sustainable development. According to Ruby, “the mining industry must have ethical practices that are environmentally, socially, and financially responsible”.
From right to left Ruby B. Johnson, Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu and Ms. Ramzhain Suma, former Miss Sierra Leone HeritageBorn in Freetown, Ruby returned to her nation of birth during her official homecoming as Miss Sierra Leone USA 2012-2014 in April 2013. She visited schools and hospitals, as well as paid courtesy calls to several officials.  From July to August 2013, Ruby traveled again to Sierra Leone to complete her mining internship at Octea Mining in Koidu City, Kono District in the Eastern Province.
This past May, Ruby received her Bachelor of Science degree in mining engineering from Virginia Tech with a minor in women’s studies leadership.
Among her many passions, Ruby is a relentless advocate for girls and women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In 2010, she created When You Believe Foundation, Inc., an organization committed to women’s empowerment and advocating for self-sufficiency and betterment of girls and women.
Miss ECO is an international beauty contest founded by the Let’s Take Care of Our Planet (LCTP) Organization, “BEAUTY FOR ECO.” The aim is to awaken through the theme of Tourism and Environment.  Echoing Ambassador Stevens’ remarks, Dr. Ahmadu observed that, “the Miss ECO Pageant is a great step towards rebranding a post-Ebola Sierra Leone and we should all be involved in helping Ruby to bring home this international accolade!” 
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