Sam Sumana Denies Social Media Post

Former Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone has distanced himself from a social media post signed in his name.

In an interview with Sam Sumana from his Accra residence on Saturday, the Ex-VP insisted that he has nothing to do with the update on the recent APC NAC meeting held in Freetown which is being circulated in his name.

He rather laughed off the content of the post stating that he could not write grammar that is as poor as what is contained in the piece.

“Bo Fonti tell them say me school na the Oxford of the East,” he lightheartedly responded in the local Krio parlance and burst out with laughter, while dismissing the content of the post in its entirety.

He simply meant he could not possibly write such bad grammar or content because the school he attended is widely referred to as the Oxford of the East.

The post in question is reproduced below:

“The All People’s Congress (APC) party held a National Advisory Council (NAC) meeting on Thursday August 10, 2017 for the pre-selection process to choose a flag bearer for the upcoming presidential elections. Two NAC members confided in me that the Honorable Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mr. Victor Foh was pre-selected yesterday as the APC flag bearer for the March 7, 2018 election.

The choice for running mate will be selected sometimes in November, 2017.

The eight (8) leading candidates for the running mate position are-

1. Alpha Kanu
2. Zainab Bangura
3. Kemoh Sesay
4. Alimamy Petito Koroma
5. Momoh Konteh
6. Joseph F. Kamara
7. John Sesay
8. Minkailu Mansaray

Stating today Friday August 11, 2017, I am going to go public with my patriotic duties for my country. I will publicly announce my political stance after the ruling of the Ecowas court in November.

Thank you

May God bless Sierra Leone

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