seconhand love

With tainted love, you veiled your hate

With graded bore, you buried your shade

Of cupid’s dart, and plied your rake

To break my heart, with your fake face.


Where is the love, you promised to spare?

Where is the smile, you said you’ll bare?

The hate you hide, is now laid bare

For all to see, what was in there?

Your second -hand love, you put up for sale

Was really adored, but now’s gone stale

For the love you had, was just a tale

That you would tell, to dress your hate.


With acerbic taste, you sealed your fate

And dug your hole, with blissful rage

With a twisted mind and a scornful face

You cut your nose to spite your face.


Picked from the cesspit of human waste

Showered into life, that was never your taste

But just like the pig, you returned to the waste

To burrow and furrow, in your human waste.


That day is gone, when love over spilled

You wallowed in splendour, wrapped in candour

And that day will come, when you will squeal

For when it comes, your shame will be in splendour.


With angelic face, but chain saw conscience

You veiled your devilish plan, with satanic reverence

Disguised as love, on a platter of evil

That coursed your veins, to personified evil.


The day will come and you will want to atone

For the dreadful hate that you already fathom.

That hate will spill, in rivulets of fate

That will shine in the glare, for all to stare.


Like night follows day, that day will come

As life follows death, thy kingdom come.

The night may be long, the day will still come

Your cup brim-full and the truth will come.


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