Telem Center for the African Child offers free radio workshop

Now in its third year, the free radio workshop will commence during the City’s public school Midwinter break from Monday February 17 to Friday February 21, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York.  Free Metro cards, will be provided to registered students for transportation to and from the workshop.  The application deadline is January 24, 2014.

The radio workshop, part of Telem Center for the African Child’s annual leadership development programs to empower youth to become ambassadors and agents of change in their communities is open to male and female high school students interested in radio production, social change and are looking for something meaningful to do during the school break.

“We teach them radio journalism and communication skills, so they can give voice to the issues that affect and concern their lives,” said Diana Musa, President of Telem Center for the African Child   during an interview on African New Dawn Radio show on WRSU, 88.7 FM at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Ms Musa noted, “One such issue is street harassment, which will be the focus of the upcoming radio workshop.  This year, we will be exploring Street Harassment, which are unwelcome words and/or actions by unknown persons in public places motivated by gender and invade a person’s physical and emotional space, something too many of us have experienced.  But when the community organizing group, Brooklyn Movement Center began organizing to change this issue in Central Brooklyn, one reoccurring critique has been, street harassment is a first world problem.”

Telem’s free radio workshop comes at a time of severe global financial crisis when not-for profit and non-profit organizations are losing funding from public and private sectors. However, Ms Musa maintains Telem was fortunate to receive a grant from Citizens Committee for New York City to help cover the cost of this free workshop.  She said they are always seeking opportunities for partnership, and this year they are excited to be working with the Brooklyn Movement Center to host the workshop.

Telem Center for the African Child whose name “Telem” originates from a Yoruba (Nigerian) term meaning a safe haven, is a NYC based nonprofit organization that provides cultural, educational and recreational programs for children of African descent to explore and celebrate their heritage. Download Telem Center for the African Child’s free radio workshop applications at, the deadline is January 22, 2014.

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