When I go down on my knees, in prayer and protest.
You kneel on my neck, in hatred and conquest.
That my prayers and protests are un-American
You dish out hatred and conquest to silence the pelican.
I worry about Corona, a virus that is pandemic
But you are the Corona, the virus that is systemic.
Kept me locked down, as protection from the virus
My rights and humanity kneed, by fibrous virus.
With batons, bullets, spray and hate
You wear a uniform, to legitimise your hate.
With uniformed shield as law enforcement
You pigmented  into a crime enforcement
For centuries, you said I have human rights
For generations, you preached equal rights.
You sanctioned my country for abusing human rights.
While in your back yard, you know no human rights.
Weaned and freed from slavery to freedom
You freed my hands but kept my mind in chains.
You struggle with the racial confluence
That built your nation with such incongruence
With hands in pockets, you claim to restrain
While I lay lifeless, under your knee of disdain.
With reckless abandon, you claimed to detain
Your hands in pockets, full of bloodstain
My knee is for prayers and for protests.
Yours to suppress and to transgress.
In croaked choke, I say I can’t breathe.
With seethed hate, you cover me in wreath
With guns and bullets, I protest your lockdown.
I get no spray, no bullets, no guns or chaos.
Because I’m not brown, not black and got POTUS.
But me brown, crack downed in face down.
Because your face, can’t be my face
Your race hate, which is common place
Not the same face, in the same place
Your haze my face, to take my place.
Let us break bread together on our knees
Cause when I fall on my knees
With my face to the rising sun
Please God, have mercy on us.


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