Why Should Former President Koroma Return to Sierra Leone With a Fanfare?

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The National Publicity Secretary of the main opposition APC Party, Cornelius Deveaux, informed the nation yesterday that the former President of Sierra Leone and Chairman/Leader of the APC party, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, will be returning home today from a private vacation in Guinea, Conakry.

According to Mr. Deveaux, the Party’s leadership and members will receive their Leader/Chairman today at the Gbalamuya Checkpoint and head off straight to Makeni, where the former President has chosen to stay permanently in retirement.  Many people are wondering why President Koroma has still refused to understand that he is no longer in office. There is only one President at a time in Sierra Leone.

In the first place, why has President Koroma refused to retire from active party politics? Why does he want to continue to hold on to the position of Chairman/Leader of the APC party?

President Koroma’s name featured prominently in the Governance Transition Team report released by the Government of President Julius Maada Bio on 4th July, 2018.

In that report, the former President was accused of involvement in several corrupt transactions including the controversial sale of the Government of Sierra Leone 30% share in Sierra Rutile.

He has denied involvement in the corrupt sale of the 30% share in Sierra Rutile. Under normal circumstances, President Koroma’s Passport (s) should have been seized and his personal bank accounts frozen.

It is a well-known fact that several people whose names were mentioned in the GTT report have had their passports seized and their bank accounts frozen.

Those close to the former President should be able to tell him that he does not need any fanfare now.

He should simply return quietly to the country and retire in his hometown of Makeni.

Furthermore, those who are still close to the former President should advise him to retire from active party politics by retiring from his position of Chairman/Leader of the APC party.

After ten years as President, what else does President Koroma really need? Is he really missing the gravitas surrounding the Office of the President?

Let the former President behave like an elder statesman and avoid the political limelight.

President Koroma should not create the impression that he is still the President of Sierra Leone. Why does he need a lavish welcome party after returning from a private trip?

The former President should retire quietly from party politics and maintain the status of an elder statesman.

The APC party should advice their Chairman/Leader to cancel any planned welcome ceremony to avoid being misunderstood by the current administration. That’s the common sense decision at a time like this. May common sense prevail!

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